The Benefits Of Pediatric Dentistry

You've probably met a few adults who avoid their regular dental check-ups, which can often be a result of fear. By bringing your child to visit Dr. Elleni Kapoor, who specializes in pediatric dentistry, in Virginia Beach, and serving Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, and Pungo, VA, at General Dentistry 4 Kids provide the exceptional dental care necessary during their pivotal years of growth.

Understanding Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric dentists receive additional years in dental education that specializes in treating infants and younger children. This branch of dentistry provides the proper and optimal care for their primary set of teeth—which is pivotal for the growth of their permanent teeth.

You can also expect the following advantages when visiting with your pediatric dentist:

  • Specific treatment catered to your child that general dentistry does not (i.e. the comprehensive knowledge of the primary teeth)
  • A comfortable and welcoming environment that doesn't prompt any uneasiness in your child (e.g. a waiting area with inviting colors, games, toys, books, and other engaging activities, that your child enjoys)
  • The encouragement that emphasizes the proper practice of oral hygiene through exciting and simple demonstrations—i.e. in Virginia Beach and serving Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, and Pungo, VA, Dr. Kapoor considers the most beneficial way in order to resonate with your child through her extensive training in pediatric dentistry. This ensures the importance of maintaining a daily dental care routine, prompting your child to care about the health of their teeth!

In addition to regular dental check-ups, assisting your child at home will reaffirm the significance of good oral health. Preventing cavities isn't always the easiest task, but limiting sugary foods and beverages can help fight against decay.

When your child later begins developing their permanent teeth, the benefits of practicing accurate techniques and maintaining a daily routine will support their second set of teeth.

Protect Your Child's Oral Health

Dental check-ups don't have to be unpleasant for your child and should instead provide them with life-long education in protecting their teeth. For further questions relating to how your child can benefit from pediatric dentistry, visit with Dr. Kapoor at General Dentistry 4 Kids in Virginia Beach, and serve Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, and Pungo, VA. Give our office a call at (757) 965-3333, today!

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