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Nutrition Tips for Stronger Teeth

Healthy teeth and a healthy body go hand in hand, which is why it is so important for you and your child to pair proper oral hygiene with good nutrition.

At General Dentistry 4 Kids in Virginia Beach, VA, dentist Elleni Kapoor is committed to keeping her patients' smiles healthy and has the nutritional advice to do so.

How does nutrition impact my and my child's dental health?

Just as your body needs essential nutrients to function optimally, your teeth rely on a healthy diet to keep them sturdy, decay-free, and less prone to infection.

What foods are bad for my child's teeth?

You likely know to avoid sugary drinks and foods, but there are other foods and beverages that can negatively affect your teeth. Carbonated beverages contain acid which can eat away at the enamel of your teeth, and seemingly nutritious drinks like fruit juice have high levels of natural sugars, which can lead to cavities.

Your dentist at our Virginia Beach office may also encourage you to decrease your consumption of starchy carbohydrates like cereals and breads, which can create bacteria in your mouth which turns to plaque and tartar.

What foods are good for my child's teeth?

For your strongest, healthiest teeth, the dentists at our Virginia Beach office recommend a diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits, calcium-rich dairy, lean proteins, and whole grains. Make sure to choose foods high in vitamins, rich in minerals, and low in added sugars. Drink plenty of water to keep food particles from remaining on your teeth.

With good oral hygiene and a well-balanced diet, your whole family can boast strong, healthy smiles. For all your child's dental care needs, schedule an appointment with the dentists at General Dentistry 4 Kids in Virginia Beach, VA, by dialing 757-965-3333.

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