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The Importance of Regular Pediatric Dental Checkups

Your child deserves the best in health care, and that includes regular pediatric dental check-ups. Here at General Dentistry 4 Kids in Virginia Beach, your dentist, Dr. Elleni Kapoor, and her caring staff deliver just that so your child may enjoy a healthy, sparkling smile for life. Learn why this simple health exam is critical to your youngster's well-being.

An all-too-common problem...

Is tooth decay. In fact, MedicalXpress reports that a full 25 percent of school-age children have at least one cavity and some kids... many more. Additionally, cavities often begin early in life with "baby bottle tooth decay" being a leading oral health issue among toddlers.

What parents can do

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child come in for their initial check-up either when that first baby tooth erupts or by their first birthday at the latest. This simple, get-acquainted visit with your Virginia Beach dentist helps your child feel comfortable with the friendly atmosphere at General Dentistry 4 Kids. Also, it allows Dr. Kapoor and her team to:

  • Check for proper tooth and jaw development
  • Count his or her teeth
  • Look for any developing decay or gum issues
  • Do a simple hygienic cleaning

As your youngster matures, the hygienist will also reinforce your at-home teachings regarding brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet, helping to ensure that your child maintains proper oral health as they grow.

Offered pediatric dental services

Besides a hygienic cleaning and examination, the routine check-up at General Dentistry 4 Kids includes:

  • Digital X-rays as needed
  • A check of dental bite and tooth alignment
  • A recommendation for orthodontic evaluation by age seven
  • Application of dental sealants to molars and other deeply grooved back teeth
  • Application of topical fluoride
  • Recommendation for a custom-made mouthguard for children involved in organized sports

A final note

Preventive check-ups allow your dentist and her team to uncover potential oral health problems before they become costly and complicated. Furthermore, in the event of the unexpected and urgent, be sure to contact General Dentistry 4 Kids right away for first aid advice and a same-day appointment if needed.

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Come see Dr. Elleni Kapoor and the friendly team at General Dentistry 4 Kids. We are always excited to partner with you in maintaining your child's best oral health. Call our Virginia Beach office for an appointment by dialing (757) 965-3333.

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